Kohl's Pre Approved Credit Card Application

Kohl’s Credit Card Application and Instant Approval – Check Status


Kohl’s Pre Approved Credit Card Application Online

Kohl’s Pre Approved Credit Card Application/ Instant Approval: It is a popular chain of departmental store in the United States. It offers private-branded goods as well as recognized brand-name merchandise. They offer in-store credit cards in affiliation with Capital One. The Kohl’s offers member’s only monthly discount of 15% to 30% on a single purchase as well as many incentives to its credit card holders.

Apply for the Kohl’s Credit Card

You can apply for the Kohl’s credit card online or in-store.

How to Apply Online

It is very easy and quick to apply online. You have to provide required personal information. Your application will be processed in a minute and you will be notified. Following given are the steps on how to apply.

  1. Go to kohl’s website
  2. Click on ‘Apply Now’ displayed at bottom of the home page.
  3. Before your application process starts, a disclosure will be displayed. Go through it and to give your consent, click on the ‘Continue’ button displayed at bottom of the screen.
  4. A new application page will be displayed. If you have received a personal invitation code, enter it in the box provided and submit it. Otherwise, click on the ‘Continue’ button to proceed with.
  5. Enter required information such as your first name, last name, address, city, state, zip code, home and mobile phone number, email address, your social security number, date of birth, annual gross income in the application form.
  6. Once you have provided all the information, scroll down to the bottom of the page and go through the details such as interest, charges, late payment /returned payment charges, APR etc. Once you have gone through the terms, and if you want to proceed with the content, check the box provided at the bottom to give your consent.
  7. Click on the ‘Continue’ button displayed at bottom in green and complete the process. Your application will be processed in few seconds. Once processed, you will be notified about your approval of denial immediately. If you are approved the credit card, you will receive it in mail in few business days.

How to Apply In-Store

  1. Visit nearby Kohl’s store. If you want to find store close to you, you can search it online at using store locator at it.
  2. Ask the cashier or customer service representative in the store for the application form.
  3. Fill out necessary information and hand over the completed form at the counter. If your application is approved, you will receive the Kohl’s credit card in the mail. You can request a temporary card to the representative and make purchase online as well as in the store with the card benefits.

Check Status of the Kohl’s Credit Card Application

If you want to know your Kohl’s credit card application status, you can call at 1-866-346-4655 and provide your application reference number. You will be informed about the status of the credit card application.


Apply for the Kohl’s credit card application, get it approved and enjoy plethora of benefits!

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