Auto or Home Insurance Declaration Page Template: Declaration Form


Insurance Declaration Page

We know that insurance policies have numerous pages. It is very important to understand insurance policies very well. The first page of the insurance policy is known as the insurance declaration page. Typically this page describes the basic overview of the insurance policy to the policyholders. It is the necessary page of any insurance policy and is very important to insurance policyholders. It can be said that the insurance declaration page provides quick guidance about insurance to the policyholder.

The insurance declaration page usually contains all these things as prescribed below:

  • Policyholder’s name and address
  • Insurance company’s name and address
  • What type of insurance policy and its coverage?
  • Contact information of insurance company which provides how to contact the insurance company
  • If there are any endorsements, additions, or discounts on the policy

It delivers all the ideas to policyholders such as all basic information about insurance which is wanted to know by the policyholder. It also describes the information about the insurance agent by whom you have purchased an insurance policy.

It also explains what is insured and how much is insured and for how much duration it is insured. When any dispute arises between the policyholder and insurance company towards the claim a declaration page plays a vital role to file a claim policy.


Hence, it can be said that an insurance declaration page is important for every policyholder. Make sure that all information lays on the declaration page of the insurance policy is correct and trustworthy.

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