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Advertisements is part of the network, which offers you 10% cash back, free shipping, free returns, and more. It has over 1,000 top online stores. If you like shopping online, you have to register at and get rebate and more benefits from It is an easy access and ways to claim your rebate in an easy and authentic way to get your money back in the best way you. To enrollment, you just have to select the merchant from the given list and then you can easily claim your rebate.

After enrollment, you get numbers of benefits, discount, refund money, and more. You can also shopping online with and enjoy with its other benefits. You will be redirected to that particular rebate page of that company where you can claim your rebate. The customer also can save their finance through their coupons and enjoy with its cash back offers. is providing better way to claim a rebate.

About the is a marketing tactic used primarily by online vendors and mail-order catalogs as a sales strategy to attract customers. It provides members shop online with the power of savings through 10% cash back, free shipping, free return, price protection, coupons and more at 1000+ top retailers. Everyday shopping is always rewarded at It has more than 10 years online history, and it is a clarus Marketing Group company.

How to claim a rebate for your purchase at

  • Requirements:
  1. You have to a valid account and card.
  2. You have to a valid email address.
  3. You have to a computer with internet access.
  • Follow Step-By-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the at : 
  2. Fill out your personal information in to necessary field.
  3. Fill out your account information and card information as necessary, then get on the button marked “Submit“.
  4. For further information about, please refer to the FAQ at :
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