CVS Pharmacy eGift Card: One Stop Solution to CVS Health, Beauty and Spa Purchases


CVS gift cards are the ideal possession every recipient would love to add to the wallet. Every cent on the card balance is worthy enough considering the line of CVS products not limited to pharmacy stocks alone.

The CVS egift card is useful in purchasing anything from medicines to beauty products to spa treatment and much more provided you have sufficient balance in the card account.Apart from offering the convenience of hassle-free shopping at 7800+ CVS retail and pharmacies nationwide, it also assures secure online money transfer for all your purchases.

In this guide, we have provided every bit of information on how to use CVS egift card alongside the limitations for the cardholders.

Reasons to Add CVS Gift Cards to Your Wallet

While there are several reasons, you would love to use the CVS gift cards, here are some of the main reasons, increasing number of customers purchase digital gift cards for CVS store purchases.

  • There are no hidden charges or shipping fees for purchasing the CVS gift card. You pay only the face value for the card.
  • Redeem the card for copayments, prescriptions and merchandize purchases
  • Get fabulous offers printed on your card
  • Faster processing and delivery
  • Ideal gift for friends, corporate or give it to anyone, anytime
  • Send as many gift cards to all your friends and relatives directly delivered to their respective email addresses
  • No expiry (your card is valid for making payments until there is sufficient balance)
  • The gift cards are available in several denominations from as low as $5 and available for up to $500
  • Personalize the CVS card for the recipient with name and even photograph
  • Flexibility to choose from a range of different gift card options with the facility to customize the card further as per your health and wellness expenses:

o CVS eGift Card

o CVS Pharmacy Gift Card

o CVS Pharmacy Flu Shot eGift Card

o CVS Select Card

Note: You do not need any special printer or color prints to use your eGift card. Make sure that the code number is clearly visible on the printout to ease the transactions at the store.

How to Use CVS eGift Card

It is very simple to use the CVS egift card, as you will receive it by email with all the user instructions printed thereon.

  • Once your card is processed, you will receive a link by email to view the digital format of the gift card. Click on this link to see your card, recipient’s name, code number and the user instructions. It may also contain some exclusive offers with the validity period.
  • You must print your card to redeem it any CVS pharmacy store. To print your card, simply choose the option ‘Click to Print This Page’

CVS Gift Card Restrictions

The CVS gift cards are subject to certain restrictions based on the terms of use and CVS Pharmacy and Cashstar legal policies. Following are some of the limitations of the CVS gift cards:

  • The CVS gift cards cannot used for making purchases at their online store
  • Not suitable for purchasing another egift card
  • You cannot reload money on the CVS pharmacy gift card (for future usage, you may purchase a new gift card)
  • The value or balance on the gift card is non-transferable
  • You cannot redeem the balance on the gift card for cash or resell it at any point of time
  • Once you receive the card, CVS will not accept any return requests

For precise understanding of the CVS gift cards and associated details, you may read the FAQs at the CVS pharmacy website. For more information on the CVS gift card policies, visit

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