Which Banks Does First National Let You Get Cash Back At ATM For Free?


First National Bank of America will allow you to get cash back at ATM for free.

This free account rewards you for using your debit card, it’s that simple! Earn 3% cash back* on everyday purchases, with no confusing point systems or category restrictions. It’s a new kind of purchasing power that puts money back in your pocket.

Some Other Important Things To Know About First National Bank (FNB).

What is FNB Rewards?

FNB Rewards is FNB Namibia’s rewards program which enables you to earn Cash Back for doing everyday things like.


You can swipe your Debit or Credit Card, fill up with Fuel with your Credit Card, and purchase airtime on one of our digital platforms.

What is Cash Back from FNB Rewards?

FNB Rewards pays- out Cash Back into your linked savings pocket account. You are then free to either save your Cash.

Back in your Savings Pocket, or transfer your cash back into your transactional account, and spend it on whatever you wish.

Benefits with FNB

  • 3% cash back on debit card purchases
  • Nationwide ATM fee refunds (up to $25)
  • Link to FNB Saver to build savings automatically
  • No minimum balance to earn rewards
  • No monthly service fee
  • Free online banking and bill pay
  • Free E-Statements
  • Unlimited check writing
  • $100 minimum balance to open

Qualifications For Rewards

Qualifying for the rewards is easy. Simply do the following each monthly qualification cycle:

  • Have at least 15 debit card purchases post and settle
  • Be enrolled and receive E-Statement notices
  • Be enrolled and log into online banking

But if you don’t qualify, don’t worry. There’s no penalty. Your account is still free, and you can get back to earning cash back and ATM fee refunds the next month you qualify.

How much does FNB charge for cardless withdrawal?

For FNB customers, cardless cash withdrawal costs differ by account. For instance, there is no fee for an FNB by account, but a fee of R2. 20 per R100 when using the Premier Current account. The Absa Transact account has a flat fee of R8 per R1000 for cardless cash withdrawals, otherwise known as Cash Send.

How do I withdraw money from FNB cardless ATM?

A cardless withdrawal from FNB offers you a secure way to withdraw money without your card. You can even select the amount you want to withdraw from your phone. Dial 120321# for Cell phone Banking.

Does FNB have cardless cash withdrawal work?

Well, yes, you can access your account through your cell phone and withdraw money at FNB ATM. Thus, there is a need to have so many cards in your wallet with FNB Cardless withdrawal. You can withdraw money anytime, at any FNB ATM.

FNB Black Card Summary

The FNB black card is a credit card offered by First National Bank that is aimed at high-net-worth individuals earning more than R750, 000.00 per year. If you qualify for this card, you will receive a variety of benefits, including access to a credit facility of up to R300, 000.00. Read more articles on activateenter.

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Different types of FNB Black Cards:

  • FNB private client’s debit card
  • FNB private wealth debit black card
  • FNB enterprise business card debit
  • FNB private client’s credit card
  • FNB private wealth credit card
  • FNB business credit card
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