What Station In Moss Point Gives Cash back On Debit Card?


Cash back for Moss Debit applies to payments made with physical as well as virtual credit cards. You earn 0.4% cash back every month on reaching a minimum transaction volume of €10,000 – whether payments are made with physical plastic cards while traveling, in brick-and-mortar stores, or with virtual cards online.

Top up credit and get started right away. Moss Debit lets you set your own limits and allows you to start without prior risk assessment. Enjoy the benefits of real credit cards with global acceptance, direct settlement, and 0.4% cash back on all payments.

Who is Moss?

Moss is a Berlin-based digital lender (not a bank) offering credit limits of up to €749,000 to SMEs.

Co-founded by Ante Spitteler, Anton Rummel, Ferdinand Meyer, and Stephan Haslebacher, Moss aims to help its customers “efficiently manage payments, financial processes, and cash flow” on the Moss platform.


Since launching in 2020, Moss has received over €130 million in funding from global investors and has recently closed its Series B funding round of €75 million (February 2022). Could Moss be on track to achieve unicorn status?

What is the Moss Corporate card and how it works?

The Moss Corporate card is a charge card (not a credit card) aimed to help SMEs manage their business expenses.

Once you have successfully applied for a Moss business card and connected your current business accounts, you and your employees will be able to start using the cards on your everyday business expenses. With the integrated account management system, you have the ability to monitor all card spending and set personalized spending limits for your employees.

You might be asking yourself, so, when can I start earning cashback? You can start earning cashback on your everyday business expenses once you have reached the €10,000 minimum spend.

Before you apply, you can get a taste of the Moss Corporate card and request a demo.


Earn cash back: Moss is offering the chance to earn 0.4% cash back on all card spending, granted that you meet the €10,000 minimum spend. With the option to purchase additional physical cards and can request unlimited virtual cards for your employees, you can make use of the ultimate benefits of this cashback offer, if used correctly and responsibly.

Physical and virtual cards: If your application is successful, you will receive 1 physical plastic card and can request additional physical cards. You will also have access to unlimited virtual cards.

Credit limits of up to €749,000: Depending on the subscription plan you choose, you could receive spending limits of up to €749,000 (subject to status).

Manage employees’ spending limits: As the account holder, you can customize and manage the credit limit for each individual card.

Manage your Moss account using the dashboard: You can manage your business’s spending through the Moss platform, which is currently available on PC, iOS, and Android. With the dashboard, you can see how much credit you have available to use when your next billing will take place and approve/decline payment requests.

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What countries is Moss Debit available in?

Moss Debit is currently available for companies in the following countries:

  • Germany
  • The Netherlands
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Austria
  • Belgium

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