Study, how to fight your home insurance claim denials?


How to Fight, When Your Home Insurance Claim is Denied

You home is one of the biggest investments as it should be protected against the potential disaster. Your insurance policy covers the damage to your home or your personal belongings or damages to any other additional supporting structure of your property. It is all depends on what your insurance policy covers. Large insurance companies or independent local insurance agents who deal with the multiple insurance companies provide you the homeowners insurance. Actually here we discuss on what to do after home insurance claim is Denied.

Home Insurance Claim is Denied

You spent hundreds of dollars or more for your homeowner insurance coverage just to have a little peace of mind if there will any damages in the future. But when you file a claim for any damages with your homeowner insurance company and if you received a denial then it becomes very complicated. You deserve a chance to rebuild your complicated situation just as before. You must have to take some steps against its denial as to fight for your rights for reimbursements.

Here are some guidelines are given as to fight against their denial. You are just required to follow the steps as provided hereunder:

1) Check your claim

When your insurance claim is denied you just need not be worried. You should have to take some preventive steps. After denial, you should first review your claim. You just have to find out the reason why your claim was denied. Your policy is having all the detail. If your claim based details are not containing in the policy you just don’t give up the claim. You should call your insurer and ask him why your claim was denied.

home insurance claim denials

2) Review your policy documents

One of the most things is to review your policy documents while your claim was denied. Check all the facts in the policy and ensure that a whether the reason for denials fit with the fact explained in the policy. You should note down all the highlights of the fact which are matched with your claim and state that you are covered. If the words are not properly used and ambiguous note them down to. Your insurance company is duty bound so ask your insurance provider for clear information which you want to know.    

3) Take photos and videos

As we know that photos and videos speak thousands of words as well as written documents are very helpful. You should click plenty of pictures of the damages to your home in multiple angles of walls and ceilings and explain in the writing that what really happened. It becomes very helpful while you are going to file an appeal.  

4) Get an independent assessment

Whenever you feel that a damage of your home is because of any accident and your insurer provider company arguing that it happened just because of wear and tear. In this case, you have to go for an independent assessment by hiring a loss assessor as to look into the fact and get the report from him and send it to the insurance company as evidence.          

5) File an appeal

If you firmly believed that your claim was denied without any reason and it falls under the criteria of the damages which are covered under your insurance policy you can directly file an appeal to the insurance company. You must contain all the details which prove your claim tenable in the writing with photos and videos and other details should be described properly.    

Still your insurance provider company denied your claim after appealing the only way is to take your insurer to the court or a private arbitrator or get a good lawyer to support you.

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