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How Does Drivewise Know If I Am Driving or a Passenger?


Unveiling the Technology Behind Allstate Drivewise

Allstate Drivewise, a telematics-based program, has gained popularity for its potential to reward safe driving habits with lower auto insurance premiums. However, one intriguing question often arises: “How does Drivewise know if I am driving or a passenger?” In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the technology and methods employed by Drivewise to distinguish between drivers and passengers.

The Fundamentals of Allstate Drivewise

Before delving into the specifics, it’s essential to grasp the basic workings of Allstate Drivewise:

Telematics Devices

Allstate Drivewise relies on telematics devices, which can be installed in your vehicle or accessed via a mobile app. These devices are responsible for collecting a wide range of data related to your driving behavior.

Data Compilation

The telematics device gathers data on various aspects of your driving, including your speed, acceleration, braking patterns, and the total number of miles you drive. Allstate utilizes this data to evaluate your driving habits.


Safe Driving Incentives

Based on the data collected, Allstate offers potential discounts on your auto insurance premiums. The safer and more responsible you drive, the greater your chances of earning substantial discounts.

How Drivewise Determines If You Are Driving or a Passenger

Drivewise employs several methods and technologies to accurately distinguish between drivers and passengers:

Sensor-Based Technology

The telematics device in your vehicle utilizes sensor-based technology to detect movement and vibrations. When the vehicle is in motion, the device can discern this activity.

GPS Tracking

Incorporating GPS tracking, the device determines the vehicle’s speed and location. If the vehicle is moving at a speed consistent with driving, it indicates that someone is actively operating the vehicle.

Data Pattern Analysis

Drivewise analyzes data patterns over time. It becomes acquainted with consistent driving behaviors associated with a specific driver, such as braking and acceleration tendencies.

Smartphone Connection

For users who employ the Drivewise mobile app, it can detect when your smartphone is connected to your vehicle’s Bluetooth system. This connection typically implies that you are the driver.

Periods of Inactivity

Drivewise also detects periods of inactivity when the vehicle is stationary. These intervals may indicate that you are a passenger or that the vehicle is parked.

The Significance of Accurate Data

The precise collection of data is paramount to the success of Allstate Drivewise in providing fair and reliable incentives. The program aims to reward safe and responsible driving practices, and accurately distinguishing between drivers and passengers is central to this objective.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can I manipulate Drivewise to appear as a passenger to receive higher discounts?

Attempting to deceive Drivewise is not advisable. The program employs advanced technology to meticulously detect driving behaviors, and any attempts to subvert the system can result in penalties.

2. Can passengers impact my Drivewise score?

Generally, passengers should not significantly affect your Drivewise score, as the program is primarily designed to evaluate the driving habits of the policyholder.

3. What if multiple drivers frequently switch roles between driving and being passengers?

Drivewise accommodates scenarios where multiple drivers may use the same vehicle. It assesses each driver’s habits separately, taking into account data patterns.

4. Is my Drivewise data shared with third parties?

Allstate typically does not share individual Drivewise data with external parties. However, they may use aggregated data for research and statistical purposes.

5. Is Drivewise obligatory for all Allstate policyholders?

No, Drivewise is an optional program offered by Allstate. Policyholders can choose to participate if they wish to potentially earn discounts based on their driving behavior.


Allstate Drivewise relies on advanced technology and sophisticated methods to accurately evaluate your driving habits and offer potential discounts on your auto insurance premiums. While the question of how it distinguishes between drivers and passengers is intriguing, it’s important to use Drivewise honestly and responsibly to ensure fair and reliable incentives.

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