How to Use your Android Phone as Remote Mouse and Keyboard?


Just imagine you can use your Android based mobile or tablet as a wireless mouse or keyboard! It is just like a wonder, you can control your computer or laptop with your mobile device and do lots of things with comfort such as watch videos being in bed; fill your surrounding with your favourite music, make presentation using your smart touch keypad and many more.

Yes it is a fact! With a view to provide all the comforts and fun, Android has developed an App that lets you use your Android phone as remote mouse and keyboard. You can watch pictures on your computer without a necessity to sync it.

Use Android Phone as Remote Mouse and Keyboard

Remote Mouse app from Google play turns your Android mobile phone or tablet into a wireless remote control that is very user-friendly and can be used as mouse with featured remote panels, simulated touch pad and smart keyboard. You would feel great controlling activities on your laptop or computer with this simple and efficient app. You would just love to use it as replacement to your bulky keyboard and mouse.

Laptop or computer with wired mouse and keyboard restricts movement. In the fast-paced life, lots of people do multitasking and as such wireless remote access is very welcome. In a conference, meeting or seminar, nobody likes to make presentation that restricts movement.


Wireless Keyboard and wireless mouse have become popular; it is not as comfortable and provides ease of use like a smart phone as a remote device on your palm. You just have to download “Remote mouse” application on your device.

The app works with Wi-Fi as well as 3G connectivity and supports both portrait and landscape mode. It replicates wireless keyboard having all function keys and additional buttons for other functions. You can also activate combo keys as on regular keyboard. Similarly, the replicated mouse also contains functionalities such as transfer clicks, right clicks, double clicks, scroll and drag and you find it quite handy.

Android phone users will love to turn their device into wireless keyboard and mouse. You can control your PC and laptop with so much ease through wireless access. Remote mouse app finds compatibility with Windows 7, XP, and Vista and almost works well on all platforms. With all the functionalities of remote mouse app, you can display your presentation from your computer screen onto the presentation screen.

Important Features of Remote Mouse

Combination of Remote Control Devices: Remote Mouse app provides a perfect combination of three most widely used remote control devices mouse, keyboard and touch pad. All these works as multi-touch smart devices and you just click and slide in order get your task done. You can just launch or switch any application.

Personalized Remote Panel: With a personalized remote panel on a remote mouse feature, you can control your computer or laptop freely being anywhere anytime. You can simulate a complete mouse on your mobile.

Remote Image Viewer: You don’t need to synchronize and upload pictures from your mobile phone to computer if you want to watch it on laptop or computer screen. You just watch with a click of buttons.

Power Options: You get power options of your computer such as shut down, put in a sleep mode, log off, and restart with a single click with remote access.

Multi-tasking: You find it very easy to type and record voice simultaneously and thus sharing ideas is made simple.

Air Mouse Mode: You can get optimized control of handheld device and you just need to away to move the mouse.

Functional Keyboard in Landscape Mode: You can use your phone as a fully functional landscape keyboard with numeric keypad and use combination of keys just as on your regular keyboard. You can control volume with volume buttons on it.

Miscellaneous Functions: You can connect it via IP as well as QR mode. You can protect it with password.

How to use Remote Mouse App

In order to use Remote Mouse app, you need to setup your device as well as your computer. You have to follow the steps given below.

  1. Go to the Google App store on your device and download remote mouse app. Then install the app.
  2. On your computer, visit the website and download the server client.
  3. Connect your mobile device and computer to the same Wi-Fi network. With Remote Mouse app, turn your device into wireless mouse and keyboard.
  4. Once your devices are connected, you will see computer server on the screen of your device.
  5. You can switch your Android device to the full screen mouse touchpad by rotating your device to the left or right.
  6. Now you are ready to use your device. You can control your computer remotely by considering green space on it as laptop keyboard and track pad. You don’t have to worry about getting up from your bed just to turn off your computer.

Pros and Cons of Remote Mouse App


  • Remote Mouse is very user friendly app and very simple to use.
  • It is very easy to setup on your device to turn it into remote mouse and keyboard.
  • Once connected to Wi-Fi or 3G, it detects server automatically.
  • It is compatible on all the platforms.


  • Remote Mouse comes in two editions, one of which is free. The free version doesn’t offer media control.
  • In the free app version, you can’t avoid ads.
  • Sometimes you might find scrolling too sensitive.

To use your Android phone as remote mouse and keyboard gives you heavenly feel. It gives you control of your laptop or computer in your palm and you can operate from anywhere provided connected to the same network. It enhances your comforts. If you are to make presentation, you will be free to move around. You just setup for Remote Mouse app on your phone or tablet and enjoy all the features it supports. Read more articles on activateenter.

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