My Facebook went to Dark Mode on its own how?


Facebook on my browser keeps changing from regular to dark mode by itself why is this happening? This is a common question people have when their Facebook account suddenly switches to a dark mode with no warning. In this article, we will show you six different methods on how to get your Face book account back to normal.

First, check to see if the last time you logged into Facebook was on your any device with a light theme. If it was, log back into your account and check if Facebook will go back to the light mode. Secondly, Go to your setting and check all function for brightness and display related. Still If you cannot get result then you can go to Face book help.

In this Article I will explain you that how you can get light screen as you had before.

How do I get back to light mode on Facebook?

You can enable Facebook dark mode on your iPhone, Android, or computer.

  • On the Face book mobile app, you can turn on dark mode through the Settings & Privacy menu.
  • On Facebook’s desktop version, you’ll use the Display & Accessibility menu to enable dark mode.

If you have been using your phone in dark mode for a while and want to get back to the default light mode, there are a few ways to do it.

  • The first way is to go to your phone’s settings, click on the “display” option, and then click on “light mode.”
  • The second way is to go to your Facebook app and select “light mode.”
  • The third way is to go to your Facebook account’s settings and select “light mode.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Facebook Account?

The latest Face book user interface (UI) is a welcome change and an easy transition from old versions. Since the dark mode option is a popular choice for apps, it makes sense that Face book would chime in on the feature.

To turn on Dark Mode for Facebook in a Windows or macOS browser, do the following:

  1. Click on the downward-facing arrow in the upper-right section of Face book.
  2. Click on Display & Accessibility.
  3. Find Dark Mode under the settings, and then move the slider to the right to activate the option. Your Face book pages will appear with a black background instead of white.

(Note: When switching from light mode to dark mode on Face book (while in a browser), the setting changes across the board. Every page, including Messenger, will feature the dark UI automatically. If you’re using a browser to access Face book Messenger, you can follow the same steps listed above.)

Some uses may see an option to switch to the new Facebook. If you see this option, switch to the new Face book, then you’ll see the option to enable dark mode. Read more articles on activateenter.

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