Guide to Paychex Flex Support for Employees


Paychex Flex has emerged as an eminent provider of online human capital management, entry-level payroll and HR services to small and mid-sized businesses.

With over 4 decades of excellence in offering reliability and scalable solutions to a huge clientele base, Flex is a trusted platform for application tracking and recruitment, on boarding, time and attendance maintenance, retirement benefits and much more available on a secure cloud-based account login.

For clients new to the Flex product packages, herein is a concise guide to essential system requirements for convenient account access and instructions to Paychex Flex Login Employee.

Paychex Flex Packages

As of now, Paychex Flex products and services are available in four different packages as per the client’s requirements and budget:

  1. Express
  2. Select
  3. Pro
  4. Enterprise

Not all enterprise requirements are the same so the service package necessities also vary accordingly. Paychex Flex is extremely flexible when it comes to customizing the service packages for its clients. To build a customized package for your business, visit

Register Paychex Flex Account

All users need to complete the online registration to be able to login to the Paychex account. Follow the steps below to register your account:

Step 1: Go to Sign Up

  • Visit the Paychex Flex official website
  • Click the Login tab on the top right corner of your page
  • At the login dialog box, click Sign Up

If you are having problems in finding the Sign Up link to the account registration form, you may directly start the employee account registration at

Step 2: Enter Your Personal Information

Fill in your personal information on the eform for registration and click Continue

Step 3: Set Up Security Information

You must provide answers for all four security questions for security settings. This information is vital and you must remember the answers for future access, retrieving account information, loss of password or other issues.

Step 4: Set Up Your Account Information

  • Enter the account information in the appropriate space provided
  • Enter the captcha code correctly and click Continue to proceed

Step 5: Security Level

In the next step, you must complete the security verification formalities as per the guidelines as directed before you can login to your account.

Employee Account Login

Once you are done with the account registration process successfully following the steps above, you can access the Paychex Flex Login Employee by clicking the login tab at the site’s homepage.

  • Visit
  • Click the Login tab
  • Enter your username and password
  • Click Next to reach your account dashboard

If you have any problem during account registration or login, for customer assistance visit

Essential Requirements for MyPaychex Account Access

If you are not able to access your Paychex Employee Services account, make sure your device is configured to the following system requirements as follows:

Browser Requirements for Computers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and Edge on Windows 7 or above, Firefox, Safari on Mac OSX 10.11 or higher

For Mobile Devices: iOS 10.0 or higher, Android 6.0 or higher

Basic Computer System Requirements

Processor: Intel Pentium 1GHz (recommended)

Memory: 1GB

Screen Resolution: 1024×768 resolution/ 256 colors

Internet Connectivity: T1/ DSL recommended (wireless connections and 56K modems are not suitable for the functionality. This may result in service interruptions or slow performance issues)

Cookies Settings: Allow cookies in your browser settings (blocking cookies may limit your access to contents or features)

Pop-Up Blockers: Disable pop-up blockers to allow pop-up information on Paychex site

Plug-ins: Requires installing Java plug-ins (clients using Paychex payroll services must install the Citrix receiver or Citrix Web Plug-in 12 or higher)

The abovementioned system and browser settings are minimum requirement for accessing MyPaychex account. If you are using any other Paychex Flex product or package, you may check for the system requirements at

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