User Guide for Practice Fusion: How to get the Practice Access Code


Practice Fusion, the premium medical billing and EHR services provider has emerged as one of the most widely used web-based billing solutions with an ever-growing community of 112,000+ practitioners in US. If you are having issues related to practice fusion login or get stuck with the practice access code, herein are some answers to such problems.

Practice Fusion Account Sign Up

You may either click the Sign up tab on the top right corner of homepage or even the pink tab titled ‘Sign Up Now’ at the official website

Enter your name, email address, contact number and area of specialization in the medical practice to get started with the trial.

About Practice Access Code (PAC)

Upon successful account registration, only the practice administrator will receive unique practice access code (made of 10 alphanumeric characters). For security reasons, Practice Fusion may send new PAC to the account admin from time to time. The account admin must share the new PAC with the list added users on the same account to allow them uninterrupted access.


The account admin can find their PAC at the following places:

  • In the User section under the Settings option (at the top left corner-beside Add User)
  • On the Practice dashboard, inside the EHR Users tile

Once you are done with the online registration formalities, you will be able to login to your Practice Fusion account to adjust the settings, add users and others:

  1. How to Add EHR Users
  • On the Practice Fusion account dashboard, click on the ‘EHR Users’ tile
  • For each user, you must add the first name, last name, unique email id*, select the access level and finally click the add button for the corresponding user
  • Once you have added the list of invitees, provide your PAC to all of them and ask them to check their inbox for the invitation email

Note: email addresses entered for each user must not be in use by any other Practice Fusion account or user.

  1. Email Verification for Users

All invitees should receive the invitation within 30 minutes containing the ‘log in’ button. The invitees should click the login link and enter the practice fusion practice access code when prompted.

  1. User Password and Phone Security Setup

Upon the PAC acceptance, the users must setup their password and phone security. When prompted, the user must submit their phone number to receive the security code (by voice or text code).

Upon entering the security code, the new user will be able to reset his password.

Note: the users may receive a new security code every when using any other phone. It is best to use only personal handset for user account login to avoid entering security code every time.

  1. Account Admin Login Settings

If you are the account admin, adjust the login settings for your staff and all other added users once they join the EHR group.

View the list of added users now in practice by clicking at the EHR tile. There is resend option beside the names of invitees who have not yet setup their user account. You may click the resend link to send a fresh invitation/reminder.

  1. How to Remove a User from the List of EHR Users
  • Click on the EHR tile on the account dashboard
  • Open the list of EHR users and check ‘Inactive’ below the User Status to block the user from further access

Practice Fusion account is subject to paid subscriptions for allowing access to an array of robust features including medical billing, advertising-supported EHR, patient health record maintenance, lab report integration, electronic prescriptions and much more. Check your subscription status in case of any issues with the account access or databases.

Need more help with your Practice Fusion account? You may visit the Practice Fusion knowledgebase for all your queries.

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