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How to Get a QR Code for Amazon Returns at Kohl’s: A Step-by-Step Guide


Returning Amazon items has never been easier, thanks to the partnership between Amazon and Kohl’s. You can now return your Amazon purchases at select Kohl’s stores without the hassle of packaging or shipping. However, if you’re wondering how to get a QR code for an Amazon return at Kohl’s, you’ve come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process step by step.

1. Understanding Amazon Returns at Kohl’s

Before we dive into the details, let’s briefly understand what Amazon returns at Kohl’s entail. Kohl’s has partnered with Amazon to offer a convenient in-store return option for Amazon customers. This service is available at select Kohl’s stores across the United States.

2. Getting a QR Code for Amazon Returns

Obtaining a QR code for your Amazon return is a straightforward process:

  1. Initiate the Return on Amazon: Start by logging into your Amazon account and navigating to the “Your Orders” section.
  2. Select the Item to Return: Locate the item you wish to return and click on the “Return or Replace Items” button.
  3. Choose a Return Method: Amazon will prompt you to select a return method. Choose “Kohl’s Drop-off.”
  4. Confirm the Return: Review your return request and confirm it.
  5. Generate the QR Code: Once your return request is confirmed, Amazon will generate a QR code. You can either print it or save it on your mobile device.

3. How to Use the QR Code at Kohl’s

Now that you have your QR code, follow these steps to complete your return at Kohl’s:

  1. Bring the Item: Take the Amazon item you’re returning, along with the QR code, to your nearest Kohl’s store.
  2. Visit the Amazon Returns Desk: Look for the Amazon Returns desk or designated area within Kohl’s.
  3. Show the QR Code: Present your QR code to the Kohl’s associate at the desk. They will scan the code to process your return.
  4. Drop Off the Item: You don’t need to package the item or include any labels. Simply hand it over to the associate.
  5. Get a Receipt: After processing your return, the associate will provide you with a receipt for your records. Keep this receipt until your return is fully processed.

4. Benefits of Using Kohl’s for Amazon Returns

Using Kohl’s for Amazon returns offers several advantages:

  • No Packaging Required: You can return your Amazon items without the need for packaging or labels.
  • Flexible Hours: Kohl’s stores typically have extended hours, making it convenient to return items at your convenience.
  • Immediate Confirmation: You receive immediate confirmation of your return, giving you peace of mind.
  • No Cost: Kohl’s Amazon returns are generally free, so you won’t incur any return shipping charges.

5. Conclusion

Returning Amazon items at Kohl’s with a QR code is a hassle-free process. With extended operating hours and a simple procedure, it’s a convenient option for Amazon customers looking to streamline their returns.

6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Are all Amazon items eligible for return at Kohl’s?
A1: No, not all items are eligible. Check the Amazon website for eligibility before initiating a return.

Q2: Can I return items to Kohl’s without first initiating the return on Amazon?
A2: No, you must initiate the return on Amazon’s website and select Kohl’s drop-off option.

Q3: Are there any fees for returning Amazon items at Kohl’s?
A3: Kohl’s Amazon returns are typically free of charge.

Q4: Can I return oversized or heavy Amazon items at Kohl’s?
A4: Some Kohl’s locations may not accept oversized or heavy items. Check with your local Kohl’s for details.

Q5: What if I lose my QR code or receipt?
A5: Contact Amazon customer support for assistance with lost QR codes or receipts.

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