Review of WalmartMoneyCard


Using prepaid cards for purchasing online is increasing day by day. When any person plans to buy a new card his main aim is to buy a card that low cost and gives more benefits. If you too are looking up for card like this, then Walmart’s MoneyCard is good option. It is not only low cost but also gives cash back rewards on certain purchases.

WalmartMoneyCard can be used everywhere wherever MasterCard or Visa debit cards can be used. It is a reloadable prepaid debit card. It has almost same features as checking account. If you make direct deposit through your card then as a benefit you get paid two days early.

You can use mobile check deposit and you can also write checks for paying your bills and other expenses. If not this, you can also pay using free online pay service of card. You can also keep record of activity of your card by downloading WalmartMoneyCard App

Rewards of WalmartMoneyCard

With walmartMoneyCard you can get cash back rewards too depending on the purchases you do. You can earn 3% at, 2% at Walmart fuel stations and Murphy USA and at Walmart stores 1%. The total cash back is credited to persons account at the end of the year. In order to earn rewards, an individual must have paid his monthly charge.


How can you reload money in your card?

There are many options to reload funds in to your MoneyCard. These are as follows:

  1. Reload by direct depositing
  2. Reload by check cashing. You can reload by paying check in amount from $20 to $2,999
  3. You can also rapid reload with cash at selected Walmart stores too. You can add $20 to $1,100
  4. You can reload by MoneyPak. It can be bought from selected store and one can add from $20 to $500
  5. You can also transfer online to your card from your bank account up to $200

The highest reload limit for a day is $2,999. If your balance is above $2,999, then you are not allowed to overload. At the most you are only allowed to have $10,000 in your card and are allowed to do transactions not more than $3,000 a day. You are only allowed to withdraw $400 from an ATM and from Walmart register $1,000 daily.

Prices of WalmartMoneyCard

• The purchase fee for the card is $1.00

• Monthly charge for the card is $5.00

• If you reload by direct deposit or Walmart check cashing, you have to pay no fee.

• Rapid reload fee is $3.00

• If you reload with cash on Green Dot Network then you have to pay up to $4.95

• Fee for ATM withdrawal is $2.50

• For any ATM balance inquiry, the fee is $0.50

• There is no fee for cash back with purchase and Walmart card cashing

• Fee for replacement card is $3.00

• Foreign transaction fee is 3%

• There is no fee for standard online bank transfer but same day online bank transfer is $2.95

There are many fees but it is very much possible to use your card for free once you purchase it. If you successfully load $1,000 or more than that to your card then the monthly charge is neglected.

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