Anthem Blue Cross UC Care: Comprehensive Health Insurance with UC PPO Plans


The UC Care PPO (preferred provider organization) Plans are among the most popular medical care and behavioral health care services in the US. One of the major factors to consider the UC care plans for employees, individuals and families is to get all-inclusive coverage from Anthem preferred network as well as the UC Select.

Benefits of UC Select and Anthem Preferred Network Inclusion in Your PPO Plan

• Widespread coverage comprising of UC medical centers, UC practicing physicians and some nearby providers without their own UC centers

• There are over 60,000 physicians in the Anthem Preferred Network where getting treatment allows you to cut down the costs

• Get covered by the Blue Program participating physicians and hospitals (96% of the US hospitals and 92% of the US based physicians are Blue Program participants)


• The PPO plan members based outside US are covered if they go for medical care or behavioral services at any Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core participating medical center (available in 200 countries worldwide)

• With UC Select coverage, set copayments easily while you pay $20 for doctor visits

• Avail lower rates negotiated by Anthem at UC Select and Anthem Preferred Network participating medical centers and physicians

• The cost of treatment within the Anthem Preferred Network is less (you pay 20% of the deductible and the rest is covered by Anthem)

• For treatments at any out-of-network medical center or physicians, pay only 50% of the deductible (rest is covered by the Anthem PPO plan)

How to Find UC Care PPO Plan

It is easy to find the UC Care PPO plan best suited for you and your family at the official Anthem Blue Cross UC Care website or their free mobile app. From Employer Group Plans to Individual and Family Plans, you can find a series PPO plans to choose depending on your suitability. For plan details, visit

Anthem Blue Cross UC Care Registration

It takes a few minutes to register the membership profile at the Anthem website for registration. Follow the steps below to get started:

• Visit the Anthem Blue Cross website at

• On the top right of the page, click on the blue ‘register/login icon’ to the left of the search icon

• In the drop down menu, click ‘Registration’ to visit the online form

• On the registration page, choose your location to get started and provide the information correctly to complete the process

Anthem Blue Cross UC Care Login

You must first register a complete personal profile at the Anthem Blue Cross online to be able to login to your account.

• If you are a registered member, visit the login link at the Anthem official website

• Click on the blue ‘Login icon’ just left to the search icon on the top right of the page

• On the Login page, enter your user ID and password to get access to your Anthem account

24×7 Live Health Online Support

The Anthem Blue Cross registered members with the complete personal profile can take help of the round the clock live video chat support to connect with doctors. For more information on the live health online feature, visit

Mobile Health Consumer App

This is the official mobile app for the Anthem Blue Cross registered members to access their ID and UC Care benefits using a Smartphone or Tablet anytime anywhere. The Mobile Health Consumer app is available for Android and iOS devices at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively.

Do you have any questions related to Anthem Blue Cross UC Care or PPO plan options?

View the FAQs related to UC care plan at

Anthem Health Guide

If you still need help related to PPO plans, participating medical centers or anything else, contact the UC PPO team members at the toll free helpline (844) 437-0486 on Monday-Friday 5a.m. to 8p.m. (Pacific). The helpline is closed on holidays when you can contact the 24×7 Pharmacy helpline.

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