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Can You Use Kohl’s Cash on Adidas?


In today’s retail landscape, shoppers are always on the lookout for ways to maximize their savings. One popular method is using store-specific rewards programs and promotions to score discounts on their favorite brands. Kohl’s, a well-known American department store, offers its customers a unique currency known as “Kohl’s Cash.” However, a common question among savvy shoppers is whether they can use Kohl’s Cash to purchase products from other brands, such as Adidas. In this article, we’ll explore the possibilities and shed light on the dynamics of Kohl’s Cash usage when it comes to buying Adidas products.

Understanding Kohl’s Cash

Before delving into the compatibility of Kohl’s Cash with Adidas purchases, it’s essential to grasp what Kohl’s Cash is and how it works. Kohl’s Cash is a reward system offered by Kohl’s to its customers as an incentive for shopping at their stores during specific promotional periods. Shoppers receive Kohl’s Cash in the form of coupons or digital codes based on their total purchase amount. These rewards can then be redeemed on future Kohl’s purchases within a set timeframe.

Kohl’s Cash Redemption Guidelines

To determine whether Kohl’s Cash can be used to buy Adidas products, let’s examine Kohl’s Cash redemption guidelines:

1. Storewide Usage

Kohl’s Cash is primarily intended for use on any item in the Kohl’s store. This means you can utilize your Kohl’s Cash on a wide range of products, including clothing, home goods, electronics, and more.


2. Exclusions Apply

However, there are exceptions. Certain brands and product categories may be excluded from Kohl’s Cash redemption, depending on the terms and conditions of the specific promotion. Historically, some high-end brands like Nike and Adidas have been excluded from these promotions.

3. Check Promotion Details

To find out whether Adidas products are eligible for Kohl’s Cash redemption, carefully review the terms of the promotion during which you earned the Kohl’s Cash. These details will specify which products and brands are included or excluded.

4. Kohl’s and Adidas Partnership

While Kohl’s has expanded its partnerships with various brands over the years, including Adidas, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Kohl’s Cash can be used for Adidas purchases. The terms of specific promotions and brand agreements will determine whether Adidas products qualify.

Can You Use Kohl’s Cash on Adidas?

The answer to this question ultimately depends on the terms and conditions of the specific Kohl’s Cash promotion you have, as well as any existing agreements between Kohl’s and Adidas. Here are some possible scenarios:

Scenario 1: Kohl’s Cash Redemption Allowed

If the promotion that earned you Kohl’s Cash does not exclude Adidas products, you may be able to use your Kohl’s Cash to purchase Adidas items at Kohl’s. Always check the promotion details to confirm eligibility.

Scenario 2: Exclusion of Adidas Products

In cases where Adidas products are explicitly excluded from Kohl’s Cash redemption, you will not be able to use your rewards to purchase Adidas merchandise. Be sure to review the terms and conditions for any such restrictions.

Scenario 3: Special Collaborations

Kohl’s occasionally collaborates with brands for exclusive promotions. In such cases, there may be opportunities to use Kohl’s Cash on specific Adidas collections or collaborations, but this is less common.


While the use of Kohl’s Cash on Adidas products may vary depending on specific promotions and agreements, it is possible in some cases. To ensure you can take advantage of this opportunity, carefully review the terms and conditions of your Kohl’s Cash promotion and check for any exclusions related to Adidas. Keep an eye out for special collaborations between Kohl’s and Adidas for unique opportunities to use your rewards.


1. Can I use Kohl’s Cash online to buy Adidas products?

  • Yes, if the promotion terms allow it, you can use your Kohl’s Cash both in-store and online to purchase eligible Adidas products.

2. Is there a limit to how much Kohl’s Cash I can use on Adidas items?

  • The amount of Kohl’s Cash you can use on Adidas products depends on the promotion’s terms and the total Kohl’s Cash you’ve earned.

3. Do Kohl’s Cash rewards expire?

  • Yes, Kohl’s Cash has an expiration date, so be sure to use it within the specified timeframe to take full advantage of the rewards.

4. Can I stack Kohl’s Cash with other discounts or coupons?

  • In most cases, you can stack Kohl’s Cash with other discounts or coupons, but it’s essential to review the promotion’s terms for any restrictions.

5. Are Adidas products frequently included in Kohl’s Cash promotions?

  • While Adidas products may occasionally be included, it’s not guaranteed, so always check the promotion details to confirm eligibility.

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